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Other companies may overlap some functionality, but no competitor has addressed both the professional and enterprise needs in an unified product. CEAgent is unique in this regard.

Supplying a demand

CEAgent is cloud based SaaS, created to help enterprises minimize risk while assisting licensed professionals in maintaining qualified employment. Our software also allows the enterprise to aggregate data and make well-informed management decisions on education requirements and job placement.

Target Market

CEAgent targets all licensed professionals including doctors, teachers, lawyers, CPAs, etc (32M). Initial target is the healthcare market (6.5M), which is expected to grow 25% over the next 7 years. Our first market is nursing, where we have domain expertise. Nurses make up 54% of any hospital, and total 4.5M.

Utilizing push and pull techniques

We seed the market, giving the professional version away via social media, schools and associations. The enterprise version will be economically priced per user, and will rely both on the pull techniques and traditional marketing, including trade shows and channel partners.

Meet our team of expert advisors.

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Dr. Ezz-Eldin Moukamal

Medical Director, Premier Medical Associates
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Jaqueline Dunbar-Jacob

Dean, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
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Bill Tobin

Retired Senior Executive, Medco & AIG
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Dr. Heiko Spallek

Pro-Dean, University of Sydney