Frequently Asked Questions:



My file folder is complex, can I still use CEAgent?

Yes, CEAgent was designed to accommodate complex specialty certifications, like CCRN.

Will CEAgent always offered free of charge?

CEAgent will always be offered free of charge for nurses.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we use the latest in encryption technology and industry standard internet security.

Who gets to see my data?

Only those who you allow to see it.  You are completely in control of what you share and with whom.  We also have a robust Opt in/Opt out feature which allows you to receive or block information from interested parties.

If I don’t have internet access can I still use CEAgent?

Yes, however usage would be limited because CEAgent does rely on the Internet.  We suggest using your smartphone to capture the images of your new certifications and CEAgent can process them next time you connect to the internet.

Organizations (Associations/Nursing Schools)

I run an association, would my members be interested in CEAgent?

Yes, in fact some of your members may already be using CEAgent!  Contact us at to get more information on our special Association version with additional features.

I work for a nursing school, would CEAgent fit what we do?

Yes!  Our founders originally designed CEAgent while they were pursuing their degrees at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Nursing, so we are very supportive of student nurses.  Your graduate students (as well as faculty) will find CEAgent a great tool to track their qualifications.

What about a version for me?

I see a lot about nurses, do you cater for other licensed professionals?

The short answer is not yet.  Our nursing version is our first release, which will be closely followed by our physician’s version.  We will then add versions for other medical professionals before branching out into the areas of non-medical licensed professionals. We would love your feedback!  Contact us to let us know which versions you are interested in.

This all sounds great, where can I get it.

Terrific!  You can get the IOS version from the Apple app store.  The PC version is available on our website through the sign in link at  You can also join our email list and be notified as other versions become available.