What can CEAgent do for your business?



CEAgent is fully customizable and tailored to customer needs.  Offering a suite of enterprise solutions, software features provide the ability to mitigate risk of non-compliance and of expiring credentials.

  • CEAgent Professional – manages and tracks an individual’s license, certification, clearances and Continuing Education Units (CEUs), on either a smartphone or PC.
  • Credential Keeper – an administration tool which allows an institution to request required credentials and have student, staff or faculty easily upload the requested documents. The administrator remains in control of the entire process.
  • Clinical Ladder – a software solution that structures and tracks levels of professional training and experience of employees. Our solution organizes all of the information and documentation to show growth and development over time and through over time and through the advancement process from one clinical ladder level to the next. The value of staff increases as the attained level increases.
  • ChargeMaster – an electronic hand-off-reporting tool for use by clinician managers, designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety surrounding the change-of-shift reporting process.



By integrating CEAgent’s suite of products, your enterprise will benefit from:

  • Mitigation of financial/legal risk due to noncompliance of expiring credentials
  • Management of multiple professionals on a single unified dashboard
  • Timely notification of expiring credentials
  • Simplified collection of needed employee information by leveraging the Professional self-maintained database
  • Tailored to area of specialty where a list of requirements is easy to comprehend
  • Cloud based and accessible from anywhere
  • Print and email features allow for easy reporting to accrediting bodies
  • Intelligent analysis of the capabilities and availability of professional resources within each department
  • Easy to use function for credentials request, before engagement of employee
  • Flexible and easy to maintain a group requirements of compliance

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