A suite of products to help professionals and administrators manage vital credentials


 CEAgent Professional

Detailed management of personal certifications

Know exactly where you stand with CEAgent Professional.

Don’t let your vital documents lapse

  • Free to individuals and associations
  • Real time dashboard
  • Alerts and reminders, so you won’t forget to maintain continuing education
  • Manage complex certification requirements



Credential Keeper

Group management of credentials made easy


Onboarding, simplified.

Operates in both academic and commercial venues

  • Request required credentials and other vital documents
  • Students, faculty, or staff can easily upload the requested documents
  • Remain in control of the entire credentialing or onboarding process
  • Manage dynamic compliance tracking of everyone in your department


 Clinical Ladder 

Professional portfolio, beyond certifications and training


Career progression, revolutionized.

Operates in both academic and commercial venues

  • A software solution that structures and tracks levels of professional training and experience
  • Tracks both empirical and non-empirical data
  • Supports peer review and peer assessment for non-empirical experiences
  • Supports institutional defined career ladder


Giving you the power of efficiency


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